1. Online enrollment details are available on the University website &
  2. 2.Candidates seeking admission to various courses of Calcutta University require applying online first.
  4. On the HOME Page (the webpage which opens after you click on the admission link) please click on “New Admission” button.
  5. Kindly Download the Instructions by Clicking right bottom link on the page for ready reference and follow the guidelines during online filling of the application form.
  6. For New Applicant click on the blue button indicating “New Applicant? Create a New Account”
  7. Download the Instructions by Clicking right bottom link on the page.
  8. Password of the candidate will have to be given by the candidate and it should follow the following rules
    1. Password should be minimum 6 character and maximum 13 characters i.e. it should be between 6 and 13 characters
    2. There should be at least one UPPER CASE
    3. There should be at least one LOWER CASE
    4. There should be at least one NUMBER
    5. There should be at least on SPECIAL CHARACTER (!;@;#;$:%)
    6. Example of Password – “Shukla@2020”
  9. After filling up the form and clicking on the “Apply” button the candidate will receive an email with all the credential for login
    1. User Name (Your Application Number)
    2. Password
    3. OTP
  10. The candidate will also be taken to Login Page where the Candidate will have to enter
    1. Application No (User Name Sent in Email)
    2. Password
  11. After entering correct credential (i.e. Application No & Password) the candidate will directed to enter OTP (obtained from Email). OTP will only be required for first time login only
  12. After entering OTP the candidate will be taken to the main Application Form
  13. Please remember your APPLICATION NUMBER & PASSWORD as those will be required for login to your Applicant Portal. If forgotten then can be obtained from the email received by the candidate
  14. No individual communication will be made. Candidates are advised to follow the notifications in the University admission portal regularly..
  15. Applicant shall choose the Course in which she/he wishes to apply based on the eligibility. The applicant is advised to check the eligibility of the Courses before making a choice. Candidate has to select all the course(s) with order of preference once at a time in a single application.
  16. Significance of order of preference: In some cases a candidate may apply for more than one course with order of preference. Candidate should give order of preference carefully. It may not be changed later. During selection process, all the options of candidate with higher merit will be considered first then the options of the next higher merit of the candidate will be considered. Once the candidate is selected in one option, all the lower options will be closed, keeping the higher options, if available, remains open for future chance. The preference 1 is higher than preference 2 and so on. The candidate should select the course as preference 1 which she/he thinks the best suitable one and intends to be admitted if she/he gets chance. Accordingly 2nd best course as preference 2 and so on.
  17. While filling up the form it is suggested to scan clearly the following documents as per the size given below
    1. Candidate’s Passport size photo – Size Max 50 Kb
    2. Candidate’s Signature (In English) - Size Max 30 Kb
    3. Self attested copy of Mark Sheets - Size Max 100 Kb
  18. In the mandatory upload section, the applicant has to upload clear scanned document of the following:
    1. Passport size photograph of the applicant.
    2. Scanned signature of the applicant
    3. Self-attested copy of marks-sheet of qualifying examination.
  19. Please note that provisions are made to save the form in draft mode by clicking on “Save As Draft”.
  20. Before submitting, candidate can preview the filled up application by Clicking on “Preview” button
  21. User / Candidate can change or edit information in the Application as long as the Application is not submitted. Once the application is submitted candidate cannot change or edit or modify the information. Therefore candidates are advised to check the form carefully before final submission.
  22. After final submission of Application form the Candidate will be taken to Payment page. Candidates are required to pay the requisite fee through this online payment gateway only.
  23. All payments will be online payment through Admission portal. Amount cannot be altered.
  24. Payment is not refundable.
  25. Only Paid Applications will be accepted for further processing.
  26. Candidate shall take the print out of the admission form and keep it for future reference. Candidate will have to come to respective campus of Calcutta University on the notified date for verification of original marks sheet/certificates. The dates for documents verification will be informed through University website.
  27. The applicant will be solely responsible for providing information in the application form. In case of any discrepancy found during verification of documents, even after admission, the application/candidature may be subject to rejection.
  28. Over looking is not the right to claim.